We say, “God is love.” We have no better definition of God. Therefore we believe that marriage is ordained by God as an institution where love can be practiced and learned until we discover that God’s love is the creative power of the universe.

Service of marriage, pre-marital sessions with the minister and use of the building and sanctuary for the wedding and reception are all free of charge to members of First Congregational Church UCC. Non-members are invited to use the services and space of the church for a fee. Our church does not discriminate based on sexual orientation or religious background.

  1. Our sanctuary may be used for non-member weddings for $400 paid in advance.
  2. We welcome other clergy to conduct weddings in our at the discretion of our Worship Committee.
  3. Our minister will conduct weddings for non-member couples for a price agreed upon between couple and minister paid in advance.
  4. Our minister requires at least two pre-marriage meetings with all wedding couples whether they are members or not. These sessions will be used to plan and personalize the wedding service and may address issues of pre-marriage counseling.
  5. All wedding parties are responsible for removal of wedding decorations in the sanctuary and church grounds and cleanup of dressing rooms.
  6. Use of our kitchen and fellowship hall for receptions is available to non-members for $400 paid in advance.
  7. No birdseed or rice please.
  8. All fees are payable 30 days in advance.
  9. No alcohol to be used for receptions. Consult church if the requirements of communion include alcohol in your tradition.
  10. Feel free to email us at

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