We believe that God’s love as modeled in the life of Jesus is expressed in social justice and that spiritual concerns are inseparable from commitment to our world.  We live that out in many ways.

Lunch Together is a soup kitchen open to all serving hot lunches Monday through Friday from 12 to12:45 pm. It’s an ecumenical ministry supported by a number of churches, schools, and civic groups.

Our space is open for the use of other non profits from the Girl Scouts to AA. For information about scheduling events and meetings contact the church. We also support local and area ministries including the Intermountain Children’s Home.

We are a 5 for 5 congregation, supporting the wider denominational programs of the United Church of Christ from One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church, the Christmas Fund, and the Church Mission Fund.

We also participate in the United Church of Christ’s Just Peace program which affirms that peace and justice are the task of Christians in a world marked by violence. Our church’s peace pole is a visual reminder of that commitment


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